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The Art and Craft of Wallpaper Hanging

Wallpapering is an intricate art form that combines aesthetic judgment with meticulous craftsmanship. Across London, the demand for skilled wallpaper installers is on the rise, driven by a resurgence in the popularity of bespoke interior design. 

This guide explores the multifaceted process of wallpaper hanging, detailing the necessary skills, tools, and techniques required to achieve a flawless finish.

Understanding Wallpaper Installation-

The Role of a Professional Wallpaper Installer

Wallpaper installation is a task that requires precision and expertise. 

Professional wallpaper installers, often painters and decorators by trade, are skilled in handling various types of wallpaper, from traditional paper-based products to fabric-backed vinyl. 

Their expertise ensures that the wallpaper is applied smoothly, without bubbles or misalignments, and that seams are matched perfectly.

Tools of the Trade

The essential tools for wallpaper hanging include a plumb line or laser level to ensure vertical alignment, sharp blades for cutting, smoothing brushes or rollers, and a paste machine for even adhesive application. 

High-quality tools contribute significantly to the efficiency and neatness of the job.

Preparation: The Key to Perfection

Wall Surface Preparation

The success of a wallpapering project largely depends on the preparation of the wall surface. Walls need to be clean, dry, and smooth. Any holes or bumps must be filled and sanded. 

In many cases, a primer or a size layer is applied to ensure the wallpaper adheres properly and is easy to remove in the future.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

The selection of wallpaper involves more than just picking a pattern. Considerations include the type of room, wall conditions, and the room’s exposure to sunlight and moisture. 

Wallpapering professionals in London can provide valuable advice on the best materials for longevity and aesthetic appeal.

The Wallpapering Process Explained

Measuring and Cutting

Accurate measurements are crucial. The wallpaper is measured, cut, and sometimes allowed to 'relax' to accommodate any expansion before it is hung. 

This prevents misalignment in patterns and uneven seams.

The Hanging Technique

The actual hanging process requires careful application of adhesive, alignment of the paper with the wall, and meticulous smoothing to prevent air bubbles. 

Seams must be tightly sealed and invisible. The skill of a professional decorator is paramount in achieving a seamless look.

Special Considerations in Wallpaper Installation

Dealing with Challenges

External factors such as uneven walls, humidity, and complex room shapes pose challenges to wallpaper installation. 

Professional wallpaper hangers in London are adept at devising solutions that mitigate these issues, ensuring a high-quality finish.

Environmental and Safety Standards

Reputable painting and decorating companies in the UK adhere to strict environmental and safety standards. 

They use eco-friendly adhesives and recycle waste where possible. Safety protocols are followed rigorously to protect both the workers and the homeowners.

Choosing the Right Professionals

Why Opt for Professional Wallpaper Installers?

Opting for professional wallpaper installers ensures that the job is done efficiently and correctly. 

Companies like those specialising in painting and decorating in London offer the expertise and experience needed to handle expensive materials and complex designs.

The Role of External Contractors

In some cases, external contractors are involved in larger renovation projects. 

They work in conjunction with painters and decorators to ensure that all aspects of the interior design align seamlessly.


Wallpaper hanging is a refined skill that transforms spaces through colour, texture, and pattern. While it may seem straightforward, the process involves a deep understanding of materials and methods. 

Hiring a professional can make all the difference in achieving a sophisticated and durable finish for those looking to redecorate in London or anywhere in the UK.

How DSB8 Can Help You with Wallpaper Installation

DSB8, a renowned painting and decorating company in the UK, offers comprehensive wallpaper installation services. With a focus on precision and aesthetic excellence, our team of skilled decorators ensures that your vision for your space is perfectly realized. 


Q: What should I consider before choosing wallpaper?

Consider the room's lighting, size, and use. Choose a pattern and color that complements your décor, and ensure the wallpaper material is suitable for the room's environment (e.g., moisture-resistant for bathrooms).

Q: How long does professional wallpaper hanging take?

The duration of professional wallpaper hanging can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the room, the type of wallpaper, and the condition of the walls. On average, wallpapering a single room can take about 6 to 8 hours. However, if the walls require extensive preparation, such as patching, sanding, or removal of old wallpaper, it could extend to a full day or more​​.

For larger or more complex jobs, such as rooms with many windows, doors, or intricate wallpaper patterns that require careful matching, the process could take a couple of days. It's always advisable to consult with a professional wallpaper installer to get a more accurate estimate based on the specific conditions and requirements of your project.

Q: Can wallpaper be installed over old wallpaper?

It's generally not recommended. Removing the old wallpaper ensures a smoother finish and better adhesion for the new wallpaper, preventing potential peeling or bubbling.

Q: Is professional wallpaper installation expensive?

Costs vary based on the wallpaper material and the room's dimensions and complexity. However, investing in professional installation can save money in the long term due to the high-quality outcome.

Q: How do I maintain my wallpaper?

Regularly dust with a soft cloth or vacuum with a brush attachment. For stains, gently wipe with a damp sponge and mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent damage.

Q: How much do wallpaper installers charge in the UK?

Wallpaper installers in the UK generally charge between £150 and £300 per day. 

The cost can vary depending on the wallpaper design's complexity, the room's size, and regional differences in labour rates​​.

Q: How much does it cost to hang wallpaper professionally?

The average cost to wallpaper a room is around £450, but this can vary based on the dimensions of the room and the type of wallpaper used. 

This price includes labour and materials but can be higher for premium wallpapers or complex room layouts​​.

Q: Do you need a professional to install wallpaper?

While it is possible to install wallpaper yourself, hiring a professional is recommended to ensure a high-quality finish, especially for expensive or delicate wallpapers. Professionals can handle the intricacies of pattern matching and smooth application, avoiding common DIY mistakes like misalignment and air bubbles​​.

Q: How much should you pay for wallpaper?

The cost of wallpaper itself varies widely, ranging from £20 to £40 per square metre depending on the quality and design. High-quality or designer wallpapers can cost significantly more. It's important to also consider the total cost, including installation, when budgeting for wallpapering a room.


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